Might be time for a re-introduction. I’m Owen Quirk and I have a problem. I lo…

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Might be time for a re-introduction.
I’m Owen Quirk and I have a problem. I love cooking outside. Whether it be BBQ, grilling, making pizzas or whatever else I can make with fresh air around me and the sky as my ceiling.
My obsession started when my wife bought me a Pit Barrel Cooker for Christmas about 7 years ago. I really fell in love with cooking and in June of 2019 I started this page. I assumed it’d be family and friends ing along. Then random folks started ing me and I was amazed by all the support. Over the years, I expanded my arsenal and added some more amazing grilling and BBQ toys.
I chose AWeeBitQuirkyBBQ because my last name is Quirk and I really wanted to highlight my cooking style which focused on figuring out what atypical foods would benefit from a touch of smoke and kiss of fire other than the usual barbecue staples, like ribs and brisket. Then, as this amazing BBQ community took me in and I became comfortable…my quirky side started to show. Most assume my BBQ name comes from my sense of humor and quirkiness and that’s okay too! Y’all aren’t wrong!
I hope to inspire folks to get out there and cook and have fun while doing it. I’m no barbecue expert. I’m a husband and father of 3 awesome kids who likes to cook out back. Don’t be afraid to make a mistake. I know I make plenty.

If you want a Brisket AF shirt, check out grillgirlrobyn page and head over to her website!

I can’t say thank you enough to the ing companies for supporting me on this adventure!
meatchurch meatchurchbbqsupply
And so many others! Thank you so much!

And to my ers, whether you like, comment or just along, I truly do appreciate each of you! Except the ones that keep telling me I won an iPhone and when I send them my social security number, I never get the phone.

20 thoughts on “Might be time for a re-introduction. I’m Owen Quirk and I have a problem. I lo…

  1. So nice to re-meet you my brother, keep on Keepin on and stay just aweebitquirky, Preciatecha bro!! T👊🏽

  2. Owen – you’re one of my favorite IG feeds. Keep on keeping on!

  3. Love your page, got me laughing about winning the iPhone 😂😂😂

  4. Owen this is incredible 🙌. Keep on showing us your passion 🙌

  5. 👏 Owen is the man! Quirky with some of the best recipes around 👏

  6. Amazing recipes and your videos always crack me up!! 👏🔥

  7. @aweebitquirkybbq – You sir are definitely an inspiration to me and a bad ass bbq chef in my eyes 🔥🔥

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